Welcome to the Platose WikiEdit

A wiki for the campaign setting of our Travelers game, a world called Platose

List of ArticlesEdit

  1. Calendar
  2. Timeline
  3. Tevya
  4. Ferrous
  5. Nautali
  6. Kitsune
  7. Angels
  8. Blends
  9. Second Crusade
  10. Nautali Count
  11. Dry World Count
  12. Technology Calendar
  13. List of Important Figures
  14. List of Countries in the World (present day)
  15. Dalcurram

  1. Races of Platose
  2. Holy University
  3. First Crusade
  4. Race Unity Philosphy
  5. Zor Empire
  6. Angels' Civil War
  7. Independent State of Zor
  8. Devol
  9. Proven Conspiracy Theories
  10. Latest activity

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